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Published: 14 June 2011
Author: Angela Sdrinis

New 120 million euro German abuse fund – applications now available

The German Government has established a committee which is looking at creating a fund to compensate German children abused in care. The proposed fund has been in the planning for the last 2 years and is expected to be established by the end of this year. Some churches have already agreed to establish funds individually and the Catholic Church has announced it will pay victims an amount of 5,000 euros (less than AU $7,000.00).

The plan is to create a federal fund financed by the state, churches and other organisations to compensate victims of sexual abuse, regardless of where the abuse took place (school, orphanage, in the family etc). Initial estimates are that the fund will be worth 120 million Euros but the final figures are yet to be finalised.

Even though the fund is yet to be established, application forms are already available and you should contact one of our Sexual and Institutional Abuse lawyers for further information.

Link to original article (German language version):
Katholische Kirche bietet Missbrauchsopfern bis zu 5000 Euro an

Link to translated article (English language version via Google Translate):
Catholic Church offers abuse victims up to 5000 €

Irish Redress Fund still open – for some

Even though the time for filing applications for compensation with the Irish Residential Redress Board closed some time ago, the Board does have discretion to accept late applications if a good reason can be provided for the delay which would include being unaware that compensation was available. Also claimants who were under a legal disability at the relevant time i.e. claimants who were suffering from a mental health condition or other illness which incapacitated them from making a claim or seeking advice have three years from the date their disability ceased to make a claim. If you were abused in an Irish institution, please contact one of our Sexual and Institutional Abuse lawyers for further information.

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